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Jin's blend of honest feedback mixed with their enthusiastic support allowed me to work freely with them, knowing I was safe to play and explore the character and specific choices.  I walked into that callback fully confident in my portrayal of this character.  A week later, I was offered a supporting lead role, a larger role than I had walked in for.

Annabel B.

Jin is undoubtedly one of the hardest-working, most talented actors in the business. As a coach, their feedback is openly collaborative, truthful, and to the point. 

 Grant J.

Before coaching with Jin I was feeling very insecure about a lot of aspects of the business and the feeling of unpreparedness was taking over my passion for acting. Now I’m more confident in my craft and secure. I feel like I have all the right tools to prepare for an audition and most importantly to book it! 

 Caterina C.

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